IPW Meeting


The IPW meets monthly at 7pm on the Third Thursday at the
MK Nature Center. You are welcome to join us!

Thursday, January 21th will have a presentation on digitizing the ground glass image. Creative ways to use your collection of older cameras.

Shot directly with a Nikon
Photograph of a ground glass made using paraffin wax on plastic.
Photo of the standard ground glass on a Speed Graphic 23. Note the circular spiral from the glass. The vignetting is from the process and not added. Shot on a white board.


Thanks, Cal Werry


Please bring your current work, either as a digital file to be reviewed on a digital proojector or as a print to share.

p.s. There are plenty of seats at the IPW board meeting. Please contact Cal Werry if you wish to help guide IPW during the coming year. Email Cal


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